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Saturday 11th November 2023A unique event based in the adventure capital of Ireland, Westport.




Check out our new route maps tracking te route segment by segment.

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Safety Information – What you need to know before you climb: Click Here

The S2S Supreme Course 

The event begins at the Westport Plaza & Castlecourt Hotel.

Stage 1 Participants will run up Distillery Road on to the new Greenway and follow the Greenway to Westport Quay. (4km)

Stage 2 The 1st Transition Point is at Roman Island there you change on to your bike and follow the road out via the coast to Murrisk (8k) to Croagh Patrick car park. ( Transition 2) 

Stage 3 Changing shoes again to climb Croagh Patrick (7k) which is widely known and we are using the most used side for the race. At the top we urge that you take care on the descent as the loose shale is dangerous and numerous accidents have occurred there in the past.

Stage 4 Returning to Croagh Patrick Car Park to pick up your bike and take on the rolling hills. Taking the main road to Louisburgh turning at Kilsallagh for Drummin where the steep climb of the Maum awaits you; recommended gearing on your bike is 39×27 its 25% in places, through Drummin village and on to Liscarney where it’s all downhill back to Roman Island transition point.

Stage 5  4 km run , returning to Westport Town via the Greenway, finishing at the Fairgreen overlooking the Mall River.



The S2S Spirit Course is similar with the same first run and bike but the hike up Croagh Patrick only goes as far as the ridge (3k) and then descends to the car park leaving out the torches Cone. The Cycle home is 11km. 




The S2S Spirit

Race Format
4k run
8k cycle
4k Mountain run (Croagh Patrick)
11k cycle
4k run 
Total distance 30km


The S2S Supreme

Race Format
4k run
8k cycle
7k Mountain run (Croagh Patrick)
35k cycle hilly cycle at (14K) and end of cycle
4k run 
Total distance 56km

Rules of the Road and All Instructions from race marshals and Gardai must be obeyed at all times.


Westport Sea 2 Summit would like to share the ethos of care on Croagh Patrick.

Croagh Patrick is an iconic feature of the Mayo landscape of significant natural, cultural and spiritual importance. There is currently a Sustainable Access and Habitat Restoration project underway on it which aims to provide a robust path for access and to restore the eroded parts of the mountain. We support the project which provides us with the opportunity to use Croagh Patrick as part of the Sea2 Summit event. We have committed to minimising the impact of Sea2Summit on Croagh Patrick, the drinking water that comes from the mountain streams, the local community and other users of the mountain. In order to do this, we ask each participant to comply with the following;

 ·  Stay on the defined path on the mountain (where in place) and do not encroach on the adjoining habitat which may be in the process of restoration. Participants will face disqualification or time penalties for failing to adhere to this. There will be race marshals on the day to monitor this.

 · The mountain streams provide drinking water for the local community. Be respectful of this while on the mountain.

 · Sea2 Summit endorses the Leave no Trace Principle. Do not discard any litter on the mountain. Race marshals will monitor and participants will face disqualification or time penalties for non compliance.

 · Sea2 Summit does not have exclusive use of Croagh Patrick. Be mindful that there will be others on the mountain not participating in the event.

  · Participants are asked not to train for Sea2 Summit on Croagh Patrick in order to reduce the impact on the mountain. It should also be noted that there are no dogs allowed on the mountain. Please respect these requirements.

 Sea2 Summit acknowledges the assistance of the Murrisk Community and the Croagh Patrick Stakeholders Group in facilitating the Event.


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